Salt-sucking monsters everywhere deserve better than this

26 Sep
nancy crater

Look at this face? How can you not love this face? Sure, there was a reason she was passed over for the remake of "Charlie's Angels," but it's better than having to look at Michelle Bachmann. Now that chick is creepy.

Justice for the salt sucker!

Quirk Books just sent me a review copy of “The Star Trek Book of Opposites,” a book designed to teach children the difference between full and empty, young and old, etc.

Remember Reena Kapec, the android Captain Kirk jumpstarts in the episode “Requiem for Methuselah”? She’s described as nice. Hard to dispute. With electronic devices like that, Circuit City never would have gone out of business.

By contrast, the salt-sucking creature from Planet M113 (in “The Man Trap”)  is described as “mean.”

Really, author David Borgenicht?

Borgenicht supposedly went to his first “Star Trek” convention he as 9. He should know better. The salt sucker (who I shall call Lydia by way of restoring her dignitary) was merely the last of her kind. She was simply trying to survive by killing off the less interesting members of the Enterprise crew.

Like that guy who asked if she was the girl he met on Wrigley’s Pleasure Planet. He deserved to have his salt sucked. (By the way, Wrigley’s Pleasure Planet? What the hell is that? The galaxy’s first gum-themed brothel?)

When Kirk and Company discuss the best way to frag Lydia, she even suggests (while disguised as Dr. McCoy) that they offer her salt without tricks because she’s just trying to survive.

Calling her mean just because she doesn’t want to die and her species to become extinct is just the sort of ignorance and bigotry “Star Trek” was designed to fight. So, no, I cannot recommend this book for your little trekkies.

Besides, what kind of name is Borgeonicht? Note the first syllable. Borg? Guys with the word “Borg” in their names should not be lecturing on children on the goodness and evil of other “Star Trek” aliens.


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