All I want for Christmas is a disembodied skull, some clay … and a mystery

26 Sep
caesar's head

Ohmigod! That disembodied skull Santa left us is Julius Caesar! Quick! Contact Antiques Roadshow!

Ever since Julius Caesar was stabbed to death by a group of conspirators led by Marcus Brutus in 44 BC, people have been trying to unravel of the mystery of his death.

Now your kids can discover the truth. Give them Caesar’s disembodied skull for Christmas. They can do the rest.

Hold on to you togas, boys and girls. This is eight shades of awesome.

Forget about Barbie’s dream house. With Julius Caeasar’s skull, some modeling clay and basic instruction in forensic reconstruction (there’s booklet), you can painstaking re-create a human face.

“Great Caesar’s ghost!” your parents will hear you scream from from your bedroom. “It’s that dude from the Olive Garden!”

The kit includes  a set of molded pegs (numbered to give flesh depth) modeling clay and molded eyeballs, ears and nose. You can get all this now. Call it a way to get a head in your holiday shopping.


Get it? A “head” in your holiday shopping? Caesar isn’t the only murder victim. I slay myself sometimes.

Seriously, this could help your kid become a forensic scientist. I look forward with glee to Elenco’s inevitable Blood Splatter Pattern Identification Kit.


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